A solution-oriented web developer with over 5-years of freelancing and 7-years of full-time experience.
The combined 12-years of diverse experience has enabled me to think like an user and build the web like a Spider-Man!

Users-First Approach

Design brings users and business together. I believe that the design should be functional and to achieve that requires the right set of technologies. Obsessed with the users, I apply empathy to think ahead-of-time, immerse myself in their lives to understand what they as customers might want and don't have. Because, at the end of the day all that matters to a client, a product or a service is the overall end-user experience. As a developer and technologist, I explore to gather the right set of tools, libraries, frameworks & collaborate with the designers to bring UI to life and not just solve the problems but also change the way users interact, consume content and get them addicted to the experience.

Skills & Tools of Trade

  • JavaScript
  • React.js
  • Redux
  • Saga / Thunk
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SASS
  • Styled Components
  • Node.JS
  • TDD
  • Webpack
  • Gulp.js
  • Grunt.js
  • RWD
  • UX
  • GIT
  • Alexa Skills
  • Design Thinking
  • jQuery
  • WebSockets
  • Web Analytics
  • Handlebar.js
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • SEO
  • Linux
  • Apache
  • AdSense
  • AdWords
  • Wordpress
  • Phonegap

Open-Source Projects

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